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Catch your ideas before they disappear. The simplest way to capture ideas and collaborate with people you trust.

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Capture ideas and inspirations

Ideas can appear out of nowhere and disappear just as fast. Interesting designs, thought provoking observations, and inspiring experiences can happen all around at any moment.

Record by text, voice, photos or videos, whatever suits the occasion, Idea Catcher makes it simple for you.

Keep ideas organised

Tags give ideas context and also help you to stay organised. You can easily find ideas by tags or simply type in the search.

We've made it super easy for you to not only capture your ideas but keeping your abundance of brilliant ideas organised.

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Share ideas with people you trust

It's great to capture ideas, but sharing them with peers and communities of interest will help your ideas to become better. Simply invite people you trust to join your team and start sharing.

Some ideas may be of special interest to you. Keeping an eye on the special ones amongst a big number of ideas is a breeze with Idea Catcher.

Collaborate with your team no matter where you are

Collaboration makes good ideas better. A fresh perspective from someone else often surfaces the unexpected.

Use @mention to bounce ideas off people you trust. Post comments or votes to help each other build upon ideas. It's the simplest way to fast track ideas to the next stage.

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Why Idea Catcher?

Idea Catcher is specially designed to help you capture ideas quickly.

It's so simple!No matter where you are and what inspired you, note it down, record it with photo, video or audio at the click of a button. Keep scattered ideas at one central place. What makes it even better? You can collaborate with people you trust and start to grow your ideas straight away.

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We have made Idea Catcher free, because the world need more creativity and innovation. So hopefully by helping you to capture more ideas, in a small way we will help the world to become a better place. :)

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Capture ideas and inspirations as you go

Record them beyond just text notes

Bring scattered ideas together

Bounce ideas off people you trust and build on them

Discover best ideas and fast track them to actions

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Capture ideas and harness collective creativity

Empower teams to share and collaborate wherever they are

Bring scattered ideas together and streamline the idea harvesting process

Discover best ideas and fast track them to actions

Foster an open and collaborative innovation culture

Idea Catcher is only available to iPhone at this stage. If you are interested in having it on Android phones, please let us know.