Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to us. The following privacy policy statements outline the information we collect and how we use it.

What information we receive and collect

We receive information about your team, profile information, and ideas that are posted to When ideas are saved, we store text, audio, image and video files of the idea, as well as the tags assigned to the idea and other users specially mentioned in the idea. Ideas can collect likes, comments and votes, as well as  a list of people interacted with the ideas. We also collect information about how you use our Services, such as the types of content you view or engage with or the frequency and duration of your activities.

To make sure we always provide consistent services for you, we also collect information about your device. For example, operating system, hardware version, browser type, language and time zone and geographic locations.

How we use your information

We use information you provide to create user account and authenticate you, so that we can deliver personalised content to you and improve the products or services that we provide to you. We may also user data collected to conduct research and statistical analysis. Metadata of ideas is used to determine who’s authorised to see them. Teams use our services to capture and share ideas. Your information is shared with your team. Your team’s ideas will not be shared with any 3rd parties.

Cancel account and delete data

You can cancel services with us at any time. Your access to the system will be disabled. However existing data will be kept in the system because your team will need to continue accessing the system and all existing data. Your team account can also be discontinued at any time. All team members’ access will be disabled. We can also export your data and return it to you on request.

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